Pruning & Hedge Trimming Lithgow

Pruning & Hedge Trimming

Things can get out of control quickly if you don’t trim your trees, hedges and bushes on a regular basis. What were once beautifully ornate features of your garden can quickly turn into messy nightmares. Overgrown vegetation in your garden can not only become an eyesore, but it may also limit sunlight and reduce usable space. Save yourself the trouble of finding the equipment and time to trim it yourself by letting the professionals at Euphoric Utopia take care of your garden for you! 

How Often Do My Trees Need To Be Pruned?

This will differ for trees, plants and hedges and will also be affected by their respective species and level of nutrients they receive. Generally speaking, flowering trees should be pruned at least twice a year. Most other types of trees can be pruned yearly unless experiencing significant growth. When it comes to hedges, every couple of months or so is usually fine to retain their shape. Of course, trimming can take place whenever you deem it to be necessary, remembering that every time you prune it back, it’ll grow back thicker. 

Pruning & Tree Trimming Services Lithgow 

When you choose Euphoric Utopia, we’ll ensure everything is trimmed to your specifications or designs, and that all cuttings are cleaned up afterwards, leaving no mess behind. We offer a professional level of service at affordable prices. Get your quote today by contacting us at 0413 097 730 or by filling in your details below. 

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