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Acreage Mowing

If you’re looking after a larger area of land, you’ll likely require frequent mowing in order to stay on top of it. While an average yard can become a bit of a pain if left for too long, a bigger space can become a disaster if left unmowed for long periods of time. When you choose Euphoric Utopia for your lawn mowing, it doesn’t matter the size, our team of outdoor experts will leave your grass looking absolutely perfect every time. We always take care to ensure a uniform, lasting trim that doesn’t damage your grass. 

Acreage Mowing Services Near Me

Our acreage mowing services are suitable for areas such as: 

  • Fields 
  • Paddocks 
  • Sports Ovals 
  • Schools 
  • Parks 
  • Commercial Facilities 
  • Residential Villages 

How Often Do I Need To Cut My Grass? 

In the colder months of the year, we recommend a 4 weekly cutting schedule. During the summer, however, your grass will likely require more frequent attention — usually needing a fortnightly trim or even more often in some cases. 

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One-off cuts for special occasions or ongoing maintenance, we’re happy to accommodate any kind of arrangement. Our team is often available to provide same-day mowing services if our schedule permits too! 

Call Euphoric Utopia on 0413 097 730 today or fill out the online form below. 

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