Infection Control Cleaning Lithgow

Infection Control Cleaning

 As much as we’d like to pretend it isn’t — the dreaded Covid-19 virus is still lurking in our communities. Not to mention the flu, common colds, coughs and sniffles that always seem to be around. The bacteria that cause these types of illnesses can survive for days on a range of surfaces. Less-porous materials like steel and plastic are a particularly suitable environment for these nasty organisms, all it takes is one sneeze or cough for an area to be covered in infectious material! 

Euphoric Utopia’s Infection Control Services

At Euphoric Utopia, our team of infection control specialists are trained in the correct practices when dealing with this sort of hazardous biological material. Using hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced equipment, we provide a specialised infection control service that offers a superior clean. Breaking down these nasty organisms, we’ll also provide a regular clean alongside disinfecting in order to make sure everything is perfect.  

 Infection Control cleaning concentrates on high-traffic areas like: 

  • Communal Benchtops 
  • Light Switches 
  • Remote Controls 
  • Electrical Appliances 
  • Door Handles 

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