Electrical Testing & Tagging Lithgow

Electrical Testing & Tagging

Electrical testing and tagging, or Test & Tag, is the process of inspecting electrical equipment to make sure that it’s safe to use. This procedure also ensures compliance with Australian WHS and Electrical Safety regulations. A process that’s essential for the safety of both people and property, hundreds of lives and thousands of dollars are saved each year because of this vital workplace requirement.

Test & Tag At Euphoric Utopia

Euphoric Utopia offers Test & Tag services in the greater Lithgow area and around NSW. Our team of qualified professionals leave no stone unturned when assessing your equipment and making sure there are no issues.

First, one of our technicians will visually inspect the appliance for any signs of damage or wear. Once satisfied with their findings, they’ll begin the electrical safety tests using a portable appliance tester. The insulation resistance test checks for any signs of insulation breakdown in the equipment and, finally, the voltage test checks for any signs of arcing or sparking in the equipment. Once the item has been cleared, the inspector will then “tag” the equipment with a label indicating that it’s passed inspection.

Do I Need Testing For Brand New Tools?

If your tool or appliance is brand new, it doesn’t require any testing. It is however, under Australian law, required to be tagged as a brand new product. This tag must include a label to indicate that it hasn’t been tested accompanied by the date by which it should receive its first test.

Test & Tag Lithgow

For more information on test and tagging services for your tools, or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, contact Euphoric Utopia today at 0413 097 730 or simply fill in your details below.

What Materials Can Be Removed? 

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