Tile & Grout Cleaning

Your tile and grout may look clean, but over time dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants become trapped in the pores of the tiles and grout lines. At Excel Eco Clean, we are here to help – we’ll release and extract those
contaminants from your tile and grout, leaving you with clean floors!

We are able to reinvigorate the look of your tiles and grout. Here at Euphoric Utopia, we use Australian made products and technology. No matter what type of tiling or grout that you have, we can get it clean and make it look new.

You’ve probably tried scrubbing your tiles and grout, but when you are done you see very little results. This is because grout has a rough texture that is able to absorb dirt and bacteria. Over the counter cleaners are unable to penetrate deep enough to remove the discolouration. Our technicians know how to get a deep down clean and are able to restore your tiles and grouting to their former beauty.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.